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Winifred Roemer-Sabajo was born in 1956 in Paramaribo, Suriname (South America). She grew up as a mixed-race girl in a humble environment with her foster parents and their family.

The suffering and injustice of humans have always deeply touched her heart, so she decided to study law in the Netherlands. She received her law degree in 1984. She moved back to Suriname in 1998 and developed her legal career, involving communication with different tribes, cultures, and their quests for justice. She represented her home country in international humanitarian and legal issues, such as human trafficking, safeguarding old land mines, international crime prevention strategies, and domestic violence against women.

These experiences, as well as her own challenges and triumphs, were the inspiration for this collection of poems.

Winifred believes that understanding each other through conversation is the best way of healing the turmoil in the world today.